V6 espresso coffee machine leads the way in design and technology. Featuring extra large group heads (where the handle goes) which retain heat under extreme load, a programmable hot water dispenser with adjustable temperature, powerful 3.5kw heating element and automatic cleaning cycle to name just a few.

Visacrem V6 espresso machines. An innovative concept for the world of coffee, with new technologies, design and functionalities. 

VISACREM V6 2G made by QUALITY ESPRESSO is designed for professional preparation of coffee.

Tính năng

Semi-automactic, automactic machines
Stainless steel shell, stainless steel
Interrupt mode desired water 
2 Cup double, 1 single trophy
1 hose for water heater 
2 steam hose 
Color: Green, Grey, Black 
Heating mode split 
Automatically adjusts the temperature and pressure 
Balance at the pit temperature coffee 
Adjust the amount of water makes coffee as you like 
Machines with display control