BFC Galileo

Galileo is the latest model designed and manufactured by BFC Italy. Its innovative energy saving system can maintain both temperature and pressure constantly in an elevated enerey saving manner, yet continue to produce the finest cup of coffee for your enjoyment.



  • Electronic or Semi electronic version
  • Thermosyphone system - copper inner boiler with continuous heat circulation pipes mde in copper
  • Heat-balancing units
  • T.C.I – Temperaturacontrolloindipendente (separate temperature control) – Electronic coffee temperature control device with separate boiler for each group. Separate steam boiler, with hot water dispensed from heat exchanger.
  • Optional High groups
  • Optional auto probe steamer (for milk cream)
  • Optional automatic turning on/off (only programmable dosing model)

Tính năng

  • Model : DSP-NGR44/NGR22
  • Nhãn hiệu : BFC
  • Xuất xứ : ITALY
  • Công suất : 3.800
  • Bảo hành : 2 năm

Named after one of the most famous polymaths Italy has ever produced, you would imagine that the Galileo has a lot to live up to. However it doesn't just match those expectations; it far exceeds them.

Just like the “father of science” excelled in many different disciplines, so does this traditional coffee machine. Packed with cutting edge technology, a state of the art insulation system for exceptional temperature stability and hand-crafted by experts, the BFC Galileo has helped usher in a new era for the espresso revolution.

Despite being packed with technology, the Galileo has also been designed to be as barista-friendly as possible. The practical digital display presents numerous snippets of important information but it also allows users to choose any one of five different programmable coffee doses, allowing the user to select the perfect setting for each shot.

Consistency and efficiency is guaranteed with the Galileo thanks to the presence of an innovative system which regulates both temperature and pressure settings, ensuring both are always at an optimum level. When compared to other models, this feature can deliver cost-effective energy savings.

Hand built in BFC’s Italian workshop using only the best commercial grade components available, this immediately eye-catching coffee machine performs at the highest level time after time after time.

Đặc điểm Kỹ thuật :

- Kích thước nhỏ gọn/ tiết kiệm năng lượng

- Bảo vệ/ cảnh báo dòng rò chạm đất

- Cắt tức thì/ tự động reset

-  Điện áp đầu vào: 380V/440V

- Hiển thị hoạt động bằng đèn led

- Hoạt động ổn định trong môi trường làm việc

Chức năng ứng dụng :

- Có thể thay thế cho ELB&ELR(rơ le chống dòng rò hiện tại)

- Độ ổn định hoạt động cao hơn 

- Giá trị kinh tế và lắp đặt dễ dàng

- Cảnh báo tức thời cho máy móc di động, con người trong khu vực ẩm ướt nguy hiểm

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