Temper Coffee

So now we know why to use a coffee temper but how do we go about buying one? This article aims to tell you exactly what to look for and what effects different features will have on your tamping experience.


Firstly you need to make sure the coffee tamper is the correct size for your filter basket. Too big and it won’t fit in, too small and it won’t properly compress our ground coffee. Hopefully when you bought your coffee machine/filter basket it told you what diameter it is. Otherwise just use a ruler and measure the internal dimension. Most filter baskets range from 49mm to 60mm. usually is 57.5 mm.

The second size consideration is the size of the handle. You want one that will fit the palm of your hand well, so it is comfortable and easy to use when tamping.


The more weight the easier it is to apply enough force needed to tamp with as gravity will be giving us a hand, so we want to be aiming for the heavier the better. As tampers are fairly small you are unlikely to come across a tamper that is too heavy to use. Weight is of course related to the material of the tamper.


As we have mentioned the heavier the coffee tamper the better so material wise you want to be aiming for one that is either solid metal, or a combination of metal and wood. Plastic, whilst normally cheaper is much lighter in weight, and so should be avoided.

Tamping surface

Here we have a choice of flat or rounded bottom. Which you use is really a matter of personal preference, however most people find that a flat bottom device results in less coffee sticking to the bottom after tamping, and is easier to ‘polish’ with.

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